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What is in my book?

Updated: May 27, 2019

I want to express my tennis story my dreams and the lack of tools I had for success and in which I realized later I needed. But what it now meant after my career in the form of a gift in experience which turned into self-obtained wisdomAimed at those I touch in my life through tennis or just life, who on some level can relate.

The understanding I learned of “being” instead of “doing”. So many times, we think that it’s about what we “do,” but it’s all about what we stand for in “being”. - What do people “FEEL” when they think of you? …. Not about the details of the moment. We don’t remember what people say but remember how they made us FEEL. And the same goes for others towards us.

Tennis helped me find some of those answers. Some who were inspirational and some I had to learn significant lessons from. There is an element of spirituality that came from tennis how it carried over into my journey of personal growth and helping my ability to coach and teach others young and old, through tennis health and life.I want to express the pitfalls of tennis injuries. the common ones and how it happened, how it affected me and taught me how to guide those wishing to stay injury free for as much as possible especially the young upcoming tennis stars with big dreams and aspirations.

I have the stories, my injury experiences and wisdom realizations which I feel as an obligation needs to be shared together with my expertise as a High-Performance Tennis, Health and Life Coach, Author and Speaker to others.I have set a framework through my created workbook; structuring tennis as I understand it from my experience.

My way is not the only way it’s just one of many ways. I encourage you to find yours by feeling only inspired by what I have to share. That’s the only roll I should be playing in your life.

Through my continued version workbooks, events, and workshops of how to assess yourself and tennis and narrowing the gap between you personally and your tennis dreams by identifying and getting to know yourself and how your personality expresses itself through tennis as a mediumMy workbook is designed through trial and error of being part of so many aspects and levels in tennis.

I am hoping to inspire you to be, growing and becoming a better version of your tennis and human self.

My tennis career is now over, events had to happen for me to be able to lay the tennis ghost to rest and see the awakened spiritual side after it and with all that, I gained a world of experience, which I’m carrying over to others, including the upcoming youngsters and people just wanting to improve their tennis.

I follow a path of continuing personal development and self-growth in what helps me help people perform better and hopefully without the self-destruction I had. I have a message to share, and I hope this book finds you in an inspiring way.This book is dedicated to all the talented sports people out there that have or had a dream. Not only dreams but the dreams of the people around them having high expectations for their future career in their chosen sports.

The athlete who fear that their results are not enough The impact one decision outside of your awareness can have - changing the course of your life completely. Not knowing what your purpose is.

Purpose is finding the understanding of your true spiritual self. When the spirit is lit, it feels fulfilled and can only feel fulfillment when it is starting a flame in another ones spirit… it’s called inspired… to-be-in-spirit.

How a promising tennis career can go wrong, one decision or inspirational moment can change the course of your life. How tennis can make you a better human being or not. Being character driven in anything you do will make you an outstanding human being over time that will attract others of the similar interests. Its purpose is doing something for the greater good and others. To later truly understand serving others by giving back after everything life gave you to you. Becoming who you are meant to have become.

Chasing solely achievements and results will result in unfulfilled successes, embarrassment towards failures while appearing needy. A selfish way of living is not attractive. Help coaches parents understand the journey of a young tennis player with dreams and the impact their role plays on them. Sport as a story, tennis was my story, what is your story and what did you learn from it? Grief of a loved one, no matter who you are, what you do, there will be a time when someone you love very deeply will leave this world. The reality of grief can only be experienced by the person who lost a loved one themselves. There is really nothing someone else says will change anything.

What will change things around is the moment you give a different meaning to their passing and what it meant for you in your life. That’s their wish they have for you.

You will show strength by carrying their life and honor who they were to you and what they have given you in this lifetime. Lesson or blessing, it both have the power to help you grow into a better human being you were before. They died for you to have the experience of a lesson or blessing to their death and therefore you are blessed more then you know.

The loss and finding spirituality is one of the biggest experiences in life you can receive. It’s truly an opportunity to a gift after the question to everything you once knew and expand into.

A new awareness if you choose to. To see these strong emotional hurt sadness and wrong doing, when the body physical and mental are at its lowest, it’s the best way as a your spiritual self is vulnerable and exposed and the right time for finding and seeing an understanding to your true spiritual self.

Those who achieved success have a taste of glory or experienced the lows of losing, failures and disappointments of chasing this dream that meant everything to them.

Those who struggled with injuries and who could not figure out their body to stay healthy to give their true potential a chance; Those who feel robbed in not achieving the success they dreamt of every night they go to sleep, and hope for every day they wake up because of whichever reason: financial, family, injuries or unusual circumstances. Those who eventually cracked and fell into bad habits, depression, substance dependency, and destructive behavior; to the point of losing faith in even their own life's purpose.

What did we, as those promising sports stars, see that others didn’t? We gave everything up for our sport, and what did we miss that others saw for there is a so-called "normal life out there?"

I don't know all these answers but all I know is how my story went, and I am absolutely convinced there are others out there who are going through it now or who did go through it in the past.

Regardless of where you are in your life, you are being prepared to assist the next upcoming and promising star to go through the same thing you are experiencing right now. Even if that means, inspiring your own child who might not even be exceptional at anything special. They can only be judged at a level of success when they are compared to another. Always ask yourself; “Compared to WHAT?” and “when did you decide to answer the first question?’

Comparing to another robs a person’s ability to find their own uniqueness.

This book is about who I was, what happened, what I had to do and what I did to recover from the ordeal. I gained a mountain of wisdom to help me live my life the way I want to today.

From life's broken dreams to stories of inspiration and stories that inspire, here is a glimpse at some of what brought me to this point – at the age of 40.

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