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My Mission for my life

My New Mission

Once we got to a point of realization, we begin to ask ourselves, what is our calling, what is our purpose, what is our mission?

Subconsciously we will keep chasing our desires until we decide to define and clarify our mission.

I have been fortunate to attend a Date with Destiny event with Tony Robbins.The event got me walking away with a big poster of my new Mission Statement, Moving towards values. Moving away from values, my power virtues, my ideal relationship, and my 1-2year goalsOne Year later it’s very different from back then. I realized in how much of a different place I am now vs back then.

I am very much less concerned about the materialistic and emotional desires, instead I care about my message of impact. If I had to be laying on my death bed, what did I work for, who did I become, why did I want to become that and who should listen to my message?I am becoming more and more true to who I am when I take away all the self-seeking desires.

My journey of personal growth is so well planned and "genius-ly” executed to who I have been seeking to become by the Universe. It sure did not look like that at the time, because I was not seeing the spiritual side to it. The TRUE spiritual side to it. That’s when life, the real life from within, a true connection from the spiritual world stepped in.

I walked away from that event with a question " How and what can I spiritually learn from this event or moment"? It started to bring out the magic of life itself. If you are a kid, like a video game exploring your journey to get to the end of the game. If kids can connect their video game of exploration and discovery with meaning fantasy to their real life, it will be less serious, more educational, more meaningful and positive. Be mindful of the type and intention of video game you are playing. The same goes for life. What is the type and intention of game you are playing in your life?

Are you a force for good, or a force for bad? Will people be fearful of you or will they carry you to be more of value to them, because of what you add to their lives. We all want more joy, love, freedom, connection. How can we learn from this life to receive it and then to give it? We cannot give what we don’t have and we cannot receive which we are not open to receive. As I am open into growing every day of my life, I am aiming to working towards becoming a better leader in helping others with their search of spiritual freedom, health and life's balance, in showing them the opportunity to discover the leader within themselves, so that they can do the same for others.Through prayer, meditation, our Creator’s Higher Power or Universe’s will, along without the religious meanings of separation.

I am blessed for being empowered with not only knowledge and skills, but with a strength to build trusting and meaningful relationships with people around me, where God is present. Wanting only unity for all living beings – the spirit of life

Having faith to give my life and my will over to the care of God as I understand Him to bring the right people across my path.

As a result, experiencing the priceless moments of people’s inspired lives so that they can heal themselves when they connect to their Higher Power through mind, body, and spirit to find their balance in life. May all intentions be a result of God’s will to others and for others? My new Mission Statement;

How can I spiritually learn from this, as it’s the result in the spiritual healing of myself and others?

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