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The 5 Phases Towards Spiritual Freedom

Phase 1 - Discover our Physical Human Perception

Our Physical Body; we are born into as a spiritual being.

We are given senses to see hear feel smell taste which can create emotions and a mind which can think thoughts. Our Thoughts which are influenced by our emotions and how we perceive this world.

The filter we put over our eyes in which we convert an understanding a belief and judgment to what we have experienced through our senses.

From any stage, baby, child, adult or senior, we can be filled up with the emotional baggage of the past or we can create the new space in our mind free for new experiences and awareness.

Our physical story where we come from what happens to us as children are the foundation of our lifetime experience which can either be a platform of inspiration and growth or self-destruction and suffering.

The more that has been taken away, the more can be received if converted for a spiritual cause to unite and bring people together.

Phase 2 Learn - Becoming Equipped to a Platform to Live Life

As we discover how we sense the world we learn new skills and live through experiences which teach us lessons or teach us to appreciate our blessings through the contrast of emotional pleasure and pain.

We will discover life happening to us if playing a life of victimhood or we can discover life happening for us when inspired to use our story and message we were meant to discover.

We are using our journey of exploring to find and discover the message which had been given to us by our Creator. The mediums we study, in this phase will help give us a platform to deliver our unique spiritual message to the world.

It’s not that we are special in delivering our message.

But rather part of it is inspiring others to find their message through the pain suffering, disappointments, achievements, pleasure joy, and successes. Others are needing more of those experiences to gain what they need for their message.

Some never find the message their spirit possess because the ego with its desires and addictions suffocates the spirit.

The intentions became fake which will only result in an unfulfilled future.

Phase 3. Becoming Awake

There are many ways into becoming awake from a life-changing experience.

Life changing experience can be anything that questions your purpose and existence on this earth.

Or simply just a moment of having enough of chasing and running in the rat race to materialistic desires and pleasure-seeking experiences which leads to no real deep fulfillment.

Questioning the mystery about life and death –

The moment of realization that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around.

We discover that our emotional suffering, mental health, physical imperfections, achievements, and disappointments do not define our true self.

Seeing the spiritual meaning in everything without judgment is a sign of an awakened soul.

We need these moments, they can be traumatic or blissful which can’t be explained. Its purpose is it help us become awake to the real things in life which leads matter towards fulfillment.

If we ignore these moments and are not receptive to the good ones and become victims of the traumatic experiences, it will cause a lot of suffering. It will complicate the mind to the point where we feel overwhelmed, suffocated by our materialistic and physical desires.

More physical desires means less spiritual fulfillment.

And we start to look for an “out option” which can be taking prescription drugs or addictions to street drugs and alcohol, all for the same purpose to simple down and becoming a child again.

But being a child in an adult body while being intoxicated through addictions, is just killing the spirit even more.

The body is the doors with the spirit inside. We see the human spirit when a person has glass doors letting their spirit shine through. The contrast when the body’s doors are closed and dark and the spirit is nowhere to be seen.

Some people truly appear dead inside because their “ego body” has suffocated their spirit.

The more suffocated the spirit becomes the more the body begins to die, depression sinks in anxiety, and the loss of hope because there is no energy.

Some spirits will do anything to escape the pain and suffering. Their ego is simply too dark and selfish.

People get to the level of committing suicide. I know, because I have been there myself.

When the ego’s blueprint is not matching up with the current living conditions, the spirit’s energy decreases.

Our spirit gives us energy, a free spirit will give us an unlimited supply of energy when connected with the source or our Creator. If we look after our spirit, we will have an amazing human experience full of fulfillment.

Phase 4 Spiritual Fulfillment or Spiritual Bankruptcy

After a traumatic life-changing experience, and usually, death related experiences has the biggest impact of questioning our spiritual understanding of our life.

When we are given the opportunity to become awake, but we choose not to because of our human selfish needs that are more important than our spiritual needs, we will go down a road of self-destruction, midlife crises, uncertainty and fear.

When we force the extra success, addiction, it will slowly suffocate the soul until its spiritually is completely bankrupt.

When we became awake and do the things that keep us spiritually awake we are starting to see the meaning and purpose of the things around us.

Why the things which happen to us happened, what we can learn from it and our message to the world is born.

We suddenly find a need to share that message with the world because we are in front of the line stepping into a position of leadership by serving the people who are walking a similar journey as we did.

They relate to us and looking up to us. We have the opportunity to inspire be of service and to help them live through their challenges.

We have the opportunity by inspiring them to see their unique message they have to offer others by being leaders for serving those who are crossing their paths.

We can share our message in so many ways on a small or big stage. The point is to share it because with every moment of sharing your message you will experience a moment of fulfillment for your spirit and soul. Writing a book becoming a teacher, speaker, using your entertainment platform, or simply doing it one on one to a person in your presence right now. There is no right or wrong as long as it delivers your message.

Your spirit will tell you when you have hit the target moment of fulfillment.

You realize that life is about giving back what you have gotten from this world. We cannot give what we don’t have. Using our medium of connection, it's our platform for reaching others. This is a motivation to grow of more value to make a bigger impact.

When the message and the intention of impact are truly coming from the deepest truest self the soul and spirit, people recognize it and will give you the world of fulfillment in return.

Phase 5 Freedom of the Soul - fulfilled and ready to transition back to the spiritual world.

We know so little about the spiritual world simply because we are not tuned into it with certainty simply because we are human.

There is no proof about the existence of our Creator but “IN THE KNOWING it for OURSELVES.

We have nothing in physical evidence because you can’t proof spiritual awareness to another spirit, because the spirit is one.

We can only proof it to ourselves and our own egos. If we ignored our spirit for most of our lives as our body fades, with no contribution, we will start to fill up with regrets of what we should have done, instead of...?

The human physical body is there for inspiration to help us proof to ourselves who we truly are.

When the spirit is fulfilled it’s free from the emotional baggage of the past- it becomes free, free of the physical pain and past experiences.

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