Living an Inspired Life!

Who I am

We all have highs and lows in our life. 

I started playing tennis at 7 years old. At 15, I achieved my dream of playing at Wimbledon and a year later I was the #1 ranked junior player in the world.

With turning professional came injuries, loss of ranking and the disappointment and downward spiral that comes when your life’s purpose can no longer materialize.

My career was cut short and I spent many years searching for a new meaning to my life. I hit many low points and even contemplated suicide.

Living an Inspired Life

Eventually, I found a new sense of worth, a new purpose and a new way of being in service to the world.

I see my role as helping you overcome setbacks to live an inspired life.

My programs focus on helping you find your resilience, master your energy and then find inspiration and attract joy into your life. My keynotes, workshops and coaching are high energy, provocative and inspiring. 


I always say, “from experience comes wisdom”. I am living-proof that the low points in life can inspire new heights!

Who I serve

Setbacks run the gamut from physical, personal, relationship, career, financial, you name it. They can occur to anyone, at any age, in any walk of life. Helping people overcome them and then live an inspired life has many applications. I focus my efforts on four audiences:

  • The Tennis World

  • Athletes in general

  • Individuals

  • Organizations  and Teams

What I offer

I offer high energy keynotes, workshops and coaching, specially tailored to my audience.

They center around Energy Mastery, either to help discover your resilience and recover from setbacks or as a prelude to finding inspiration and joy in your life.

I announce my public events through this site. I invite you to sign up for updates or contact me directly. 

The Book
Cool Book cover picture Front.png

Soon to be published, THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY OF A WIMBLEDON TENNIS PLAYER, endorsed by world tennis champions Billie Jean King and Liezel Huber, among others, is my story in detail.

Hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional athletes chase their dreams of going for the big win – of being superstars, of having fame, and of experiencing athletic careers of note. 

Some succeed and enjoy astounding careers, only to feel without purpose when they are derailed by an injury or forced to retire due to age. 

Some achieve a modicum of success then find themselves being replaced by others who are rising up greater than they are. Still, others pursue athletic careers that never get off the ground.

The Spiritual Journey of a Wimbledon Tennis Player offers a healing balm for amateur and professional athletes.

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